Camp Fire Green Country

Employment Opportunities


Camp Fire Green Country does not currently have any employment opportunities available.



Camp Fire Green Country strives to be an employer of choice, offering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture of fun and excitement, making true impact in the lives of children and families, grounded by a set of core values. We want the best possible employees to be a part of our team, so we deliver professional development and growth opportunities at all staff levels with continuous training and networking options. We offer a competitive benefits package including for full-time employees,  life and short-term disability insurance provided by the council, medical Insurance, with premiums partially paid by the council as well as opt-in dental insurance. In addition, Camp Fire Green Country encourages work-life balance with abundant leave benefits including ten paid holidays throughout the year, plus the working days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well as Paid-Time-Off accrual starting at 5 weeks per year.