Becoming an Outdoors-Woman® (BOW – “bō”) is a nonprofit, educational program offering hands-on workshops to adult women hosted in Oklahoma by Camp Fire Green Country.  We encourage a supportive environment conducive to learning, making friends, and having fun.  No experience is necessary and BOW is for all women 18 years or older and at all fitness levels.  For more information on BOW in other states and provinces, visit

The “Original BOW” Workshop is a two-night outdoor conference offering nearly 40 classes divided into the three categories of hunting and shooting, fishing and boating, and non-consumptive outdoor recreational activities (e.g. outdoor cooking, natural crafts, camping, etc.)  The BOW Oklahoma Workshop is held annually on the first full weekend of October.

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Scholarships are available for the BOW Workshop.

BOW Encampments* are informal weekend campouts around Oklahoma to practice skills learned at the BOW Workshop, network with other women who enjoy the outdoors, and gain knowledge about outdoor opportunities around Oklahoma.  Participants provide their own food and chose how to spend their weekend, either by enjoying amenities of the campground or by bringing “toy” from home (bikes, boats, fishing poles, etc.)

Beyond BOWs* are similar to BOW Encampments with a focus on a specific topic or activity during the weekend.  Anyone is welcome to attend, even if they don’t wish to participant in the activity.  An additional fee may be required to participate.  Previous Beyond BOWs have focused on wild caving, rappelling, Dutch Oven cooking, sailing, kayaking, backpacking, and shooting sports.

BOW Moments* last only a few hours and focus on a single topic, usually at a location with no camping facilities.  A fee may be required to participate.  Previous BOW Moments have focused on rappelling and eagle watches.

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 * Participants for BOW Encampments, Beyond BOWs, and BOW Moments are responsible for providing their own transportation, camping equipment, and food.  Occasionally, a potluck will be organized for a specific meal or two – visit BOW’s Facebook page or contact Susan Bencke to be included on these plans.  Due to the informality of these programs, participants can stay for as long as they want – camping for one night, visiting for the day, or staying for an extended weekend.  Participants are not required to attend a Workshop prior to participating in other BOW programs.

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Diversity is recognized as an important component of the BOW program.  Bias, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment in all forms and manifestations will not be tolerated.  Discrimination based on an individual’s race, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, or parental status is demeaning to all; impairs the process of education; and violates individual rights