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JORDAN BAILEY, AmeriCorps, Oklahoma Serves Member

ALEXA BOTTOMS, Program Manager

AMY HILLIGOSS, Assistant Executive Director

ALLIE HOLLON, AmeriCorps, Oklahoma Serves Member

CLAIRE JOHNSON, Community Relations Director

TYLER LAPLANT AmeriCorps Serves Member

AMANDA LOWEProgram Manager

COLLEEN MANSUR, Administrative Assistant

BEN MATTHEWS, Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion

RENEE MEEK, Executive Director

ERIC MEIER, Camp & Outdoor Director

JAQUELINE NAVARRO, Hispanic Program Coordinator


AYLIN REYES, AmeriCorps, Oklahoma Serves Member

KATRINA SKEFOS, Program Manager 

MIKE THOMPSON, Camp Okiwanee Site Director

CINTHIA TREJOHispanic Program Coordinator

DENNY WINTERS, Camp Waluhili Site Director